Slade School of Fine Art (UCL).

Introduction & Technique

Denis Yeung was born in Hong Kong and moved to London when he was eight years old and later went on to study painting at the Slade School of Fine Art (University College London). Currently he is a full time British artist travelling Asia.

As an artist, Yeung is fascinated by the mark-making process because "it records both physical and mental energy; literally transcribing energy and creating a historical record". He uses a camera to record his current project. As he considers himself a painter and not a photographer, Yeung considers "the camera is like a brush".

ALL photos were taken with only ONE shot, WITHOUT colour filters and NO Photoshop effects.

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Yeung is fascinated by the definition of Nature especially since Science and Art ask the same question: 'What is Nature?'. He proposes and concludes everything in the Universe is Nature. 

Fundamentally Nature and Mankind differs on the issues of self-awareness and his investigation proposes a manifesto highlighting the aesthetic difference between these two dichotomous views albeit both derived from Nature.

He concludes two types of aesthetics: 

Nature: 'Selflessness, objective, random composition/arrangement’ 


Neo-Nature/Mankind: ‘Self-aware, subjective, considered composition/arrangement’

By exploring both notion and aesthetics between Nature's selflessness & Neo-Nature/Mankind's self-awareness, Yeung's works address in the viewer the issues of amorality and encourage questioning of the origin and relationship of Mankind in Nature, thus invoking a freedom of understanding and acceptance void of questions.

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